Creating Your Profile

Creating Your Profile

The hardest part of online dating is putting together your profile, you need to let your personality shine through in the best way possible.  You need to let people know what you’re looking for and what makes you interesting.  The better your profile is the more singles are likely to contact you.  Now it sounds easy to write a good profile but it isn’t.  Let’s go over what makes a good profile and how you can set yours up.

Post a Flattering Picture

Profiles with pictures have ten times more traffic than those that don’t put up their pictures, so if you want the best chance of meeting someone then find a great picture.  Your picture should be at least a head shot with you smiling and no other people in the photo.  You can even upload a couple of pictures showing things that you like to do.  Do not put a 10 year old picture up because it is flattering, use something current.  Here are some tips on taking flattering photos.

What Do You Want

One of the steps in creating a good profile is outlining just what you are looking for.  State your intentions clearly, do you want a long term relationship or just a hook up?  Be honest and you will get better results.  Don’t pretend that you enjoy walks on the beach just because you think it is something that a potential partner would want to hear.

Talking About Yourself

Writing about yourself is the hardest part of all of this so don’t be afraid to enlist a friend to help you.  You need to stand out and let people know what makes you special.  Being a “nice guy” doesn’t quite cut it.  Even saying you enjoy watching movies is too vague, rather say that you enjoy spending the night with a horror flick and a bowl full of popcorn.  You need to get specific about what makes you tick.

You also need to make sure you tell the truth and the whole truth.  If you work as a janitor there is nothing wrong with that, but claiming you are the CEO is not cool.  If you meet someone you genuinely like then trying to wiggle your way out of your fibs is going to be awkward.

Check Your English

Spelling and grammar matter more than you think.  The occasional misspelled word is one thing but a whole bio made with bad spelling and poor grammar makes you look not just uneducated but lazy.

Put some thought into your profile, a good profile is the best way of making sure that you meet someone interesting.

Protect Yourself When Dating Online

Protect Yourself When Dating Online

Online dating is where many couples meet but when you first start your online dating adventures you need to be careful and protect yourself.  You need to worry about more than just getting your heart broken you also need to be wary of the predators that troll online dating sites.  Be cautious in who you meet and here are some tips that can help keep you safe while you are meeting people.

Start with a Reputable Site

Some dating websites, in fact most dating sites will allow anyone to join.  Very few of them do any kind of screening to the people using the site.  You can start by choosing one of the sites that requires some personal information when signing up.  Personal information isn’t available to other site members but it does let the site owners keep track of who is using their site.

Never Give Out Information

When you are getting to know someone initially don’t give out any personal information.  Never give out things like email passwords, home addresses, birthdays, bank accounts or anything that can be used against you.  At the same time never send anyone money no matter how compelling their sob story turns out to be.  There are plenty of predators online so always exercise caution.

Video Chat

Before you meet someone you might want to try a video chat first, that way you can see who you are talking to.  If their picture doesn’t match the person you are speaking with then move on.  False information just demonstrates their dishonesty and you don’t need that.

Meet in a Public Place

The first meeting should be in a very public place such as a restaurant or coffee shop.  You also need to tell a friend exactly where you are going and who you are meeting.  If someone wants to meet in a private place, then you need to say a definite no.  You never can know someone else’s intentions so exercise as much caution as possible.

Most people on online dating sites are perfectly harmless they are there for the same reason that you are, they are just looking to meet people and maybe build a relationship.  But, there are those that aren’t there for that, they would rather steal your money or your identity than meet someone.  You need to protect yourself from those that would do you harm.  Anyone that you meet online should understand this and be willing to accommodate your caution.